She said she had no idea her husband was so involved

As both Fiebert and Archer point out, although the numerical tally of physical acts in these studies has found similar rates of IPV amongst men and women, and high rates of bidirectionality, there is general agreement amongst researchers that male violence is a more serious phenomenon, primarily, but not exclusively, because male violence tends to inflict more psychological and physical damage than female violence.[60][61] Male violence produces injury at roughly six times the rate of female violence.[41] Women are also more likely to be killed by their male partners than the reverse (according to the US Department of Justice, 84% of spousal murder victims are female),[59] and women in general are more likely to be killed by their spouses than all other types of assailants combined.[62] In relation to this, Murray A. Straus has written “although women may assault their partners at approximately the same rate as men, because of the greater physical, financial, and emotional injury suffered by women, they are the predominant victims. Assembled The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge, a research database covering 1700 peer reviewed studies, the largest of its kind.

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